• Stefanie Krysta

About the Designer

Why did I create Blue Maou?
I have always wanted to combine my love of fashion and artistic design with my passion for the environment. My personal journey has only increased my motivation to create eco-friendly swimwear and clothing.

After a successful study of applied sports medicine in California I returned to Europe. Soon after founding a family I got in touch with my creative instincts. The desire to make my ideas become reality was getting stronger so I attended fashion design and pattern making courses. The Californian lifestyle, the longing for sun and the sea influenced my decision to immerse into the world of swimwear fashion and to create an environmentally friendly product. So I manifested this dream  during my second pregnancy by establishing the brand Blue Maou.

For  Blue Maou I decided to  use unique ecological materials to create a premium product that combines style and quality with fit and sustainability. The unique high quality of the fabric offers the opportunity to expand the range of bikinis to tops and yoga pants. Through my own experience I recognized the need to reinterpret tankinis for pregnant women. Thus I created the maternitini, a multifunctional maternity shirt in complementing colors combined with comfort and aesthetics.

The flagship of my brand “Crazy for Color” is intentionally designed in simple and classic silhouettes, yet the designs are stylish and hip. In addition to new styles and an expanded color range, an annually changing signature collection is scheduled which will be available in a limited number.