Blue Maou – The Blue Peacock

This clothing line was inspired by a peacock, the national animal of India whose colorful beauty has fascinated people for millennia. This symbolic figure combines beauty, grace, luck, charm, immortality, curiosity and wisdom. The characteristics of this legendary peacock embody the soul of my label.

Blue also represents our planet. Blue Maou is devoted to the fundamental objective of saving our planet with style. That objective can be found in every fiber of our products. Blue Maou combines sustainability, ecological awareness, and social commitment, with quality and flexibility. Blue Maou incorporates a love for design and nature from the idea to the finished product.

Blue Maou incorporates style and good conscience. In our opinion this symbiosis is the way of the future. We incorporate ethical practices into our business model. At the production site we continuously check and optimize every necessary step. Fairness and transparency in dealing with suppliers, employees, and customers are self-evident.  This is an exciting and dynamic process which will continue to face new challenges and opportunities.